Wills & Estates

“Let the welfare of the people be the highest law.” 

– Latin proverb

  • Drafting of Wills & Testaments – A will is a formal, signed, written document, in which the deceased (now referred to as the testator) voluntarily sets out their instructions in unambiguous terms as to how their assets are to be “passed down” or inherited following their demise.
  • Administration of Deceased Estates – Itis the procedure that an executor/representative must follow after the death of a person and involves the reporting of the deceased estate, collecting the property of the deceased estate, paying the debts due by the deceased estate; and distributing the remaining property to the heirs.
  • Administration of Trusts – The administration of trusts is governed by the provisions of the Trust Property Control Act no 57/1988.  There are two types of trust, e.g. an inter-vivos trust and a testamentary trust.

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