Family Law

“If you didn’t come from a healthy family, make sure a healthy family comes from you.”

 Mami Milkshake

  • Divorce – the legal dissolution of a marriage or marital union by a Court.
  • Distribution of Assets – Considering the different marital regimes and the applicable law in order to divide the assets accordingly.
  • Interim Orders – Rule 43 of the Uniform Court Rules as well as Rule 58 of the Magistrate Court Rules provides litigants in divorce proceedings with the opportunity to approach the court for an order granting interim relief, pending the finalisation of a divorce, with specific reference to maintenance and contact rights.
  • Maintenance Applications – The bringing of a maintenance application relating to a new maintenance order and/or the variation, substitution and/or discharge of an existing maintenance order.
  • Access to minor children – An application brought in the High Court and/or Children’s Court for an application for an order structuring access and contact as the Court sees fit.
  • Curator ad litem Application – An application where a person is appointed to legally assist minor children in litigation.
  • Adoption Application – Adoption is the process where a person applies in Court to be considered as the parent of a child.
  • Foster Care Application – Foster care is the temporary placement of a child who is in need of care and protection. The child is placed in the care of a suitable person who is not the parent or guardian of the child.
  • Domestic Violence Application – A Domestic Violence Order aims at preventing the reoccurrence of domestic violence or sexual harassment by stating what conduct the alleged offender must refrain from doing.

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