Labour Law

“If we desire respect from the law, we must first make the law respectable.” 

– Louis Brandeis

  • Employment and labour litigation
    1. Conciliations, mediations, and/or arbitrations in all alternative dispute resolution forums such as the CCMA, AFSA, MEIBC, BCBI, BCFMI, NBCWPS, PSCBC, SALGBC and more.
    2. Review proceedings in the Labour Court of South Africa.
    3. Appeals to the Labour and Labour Appeal Courts of South Africa.
    4. Application for rescission of awards, rulings and/or judgments in all alternative dispute resolution forums and the Labour Court of South Africa.
    5. All interlocutory applications and procedures, whether specifically provided for the in the rules regulating the conduct of proceedings the alternative dispute resolution forums and/or the Labour Courts and Labour Appeal Courts of South Africa.
    6. Unfair dismissal disputes.
    7. Unfair labour practice disputes.
    8. Restraints of trade.
    9. Protected disclosure claims or disputes and related investigations.
    10. Industrial relation disputes and strategies.
    11. Essential Services issues or disputes.
    12. Withdrawals and postponements.
    13. Joinders, interventions, amendments and substitutions.
    14. Consolidation of proceedings.
    15. Applications for condonation, compel, declaratory orders, setting aside of subpoenas, and more.
  • Employment and labour law corporate transactions – Proceedings in terms of Section 197 of the Labour Relations Act, Act 66 of 1995 (“LRA”).
  • Disciplinary and/or incapacity hearings/inquiries.
  • Retrenchment proceedings as provided for in terms of Sections 189 and 189A of the LRA.
  • Drafting and implementing of all employment and/or workplace policies and procedures.
  • Investigating and resolving
    1. Workplace disputes and issues;
    2. Employment Equity disputes and issues;
    3. Privacy law and access to information disputes and issues;
    4. Employee grievances;
    5. Unfair discrimination and/or harassment claims;
  • Assistance and representation in all collective bargaining forums, trade union recognition and other employment negotiations.
  • Benefit and severance claims.
  • Occupational Health and Safety compliance.
  • Service agreements, fixed/permanent contracts of employment and Human Resources handguides.
  • Employment and labour compliance, and risk and advisory consultations and proceedings in relation to all labour and employment issues.

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